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    Marda Loop Garage Door Services

    For more than 15 years, Marda Loop Garage Door Services have been a leading name in the local industry, servicing households all over Calgary and surrounding areas with our reliable solutions. Over those two decades, Marda Loop Garage Door Services have learnt exactly what type of service keeps our customers happy. That’s why we have a reputation for offering unbeatable solutions that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

    So what is it exactly that sets us apart from the rest? To begin with, our friendly team of professionals know the ins and outs of what they do better than anyone else. They arrive on time and are always fully prepared to get the job done that day. On top of this, we pride ourselves on our highly responsive nature when it comes to emergency repairs. Meaning that wherever you are throughout Calgary, we will come and solve your garage door problems 24/7.
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    As a company known for its incredible solutions, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your experience with us. So next time your garage door needs some attention, don’t hesitate to get the experts on the job.


    We provide Garage Door services to the Calgary and surrounding arias including the Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Brag Creek, Cochrane .

    Marda Loop Garage Door Services  specialize in the garage door service & repairs of all major brands and makes of residential garage doors, gates and automatic openers. Our garage door service team vehicles carry most replacement parts , new automatic openers and replacement remotes , making it easy to get the job done there and then.

    Marda Loop Garage Door Services is a family operated small business specializing in service and repairs to all types of garage doors. We offer expert advice on servicing and repairing your garage door. We pride ourselves on price and quality. Marda Loop Garage Door Services have 15 years experience in the garage industry.  Our company have a vast range of knowledge to provide a solution for all your garage door needs.
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    Marda Loop Garage Door Services

    • Garage Door Opener Repairs & Installation

    • Garage Door Spring Repairs

    • Garage Door Cable Repairs & Installation

    • Garage Door Installation Services

    • Emergency Garage Door Repairs


    (403) 389-3844

    Garage Door Opener - Repair & Installation

    Like most mechanical devices that are used on a daily basis, garage door opener will eventually require some kind of maintenance. Reliable Garage Door will assess your requirements and choose the best garage motor replacement. Once we’ve done our initial inspection we will advise you whether or not we need to replace the motor or if we can simply repair your existing motor

    Garage Door Spring Repairs

    Regular proper routine maintenance is critical to ensure your garage door springs remain in good working order. Regular adjustments to garage door springs are also required. It's required to  ensure the proper door balancing in order for the door to open and close correctly.  If your spring is not in good working order they may easily snap. We can offer a free inspection to ensure your door springs are in good working order. Reliable  Garage Door Services also can prevent any unnecessary costly repairs.

    Garage Door services

    Panel Doors & Tilt Door Repairs

    Marda Loop Garage Door Services specialist in panel doors and tilt door repairs and can fix them regardless of whether they are manually operated or automatic. Whether there’s trouble with the motor or the door isn’t moving at all, we have handled all types of issues and can assure you of getting it right the first time.

    Garage Door Maintenance

    Regular servicing and preventive maintenance can extend the life of your garage door while checking problems before they turn disastrous. Our garage door service technicians in Calgary will identify possible troubles and carry out maintenance to ensure your garage door functions smoothly and efficiently. We will get rid of squeaky noises and align the frame so it doesn’t scrape against the floor.

    Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

    The bad things tend to happen at the worst possible times.  Whether its your garage door opener or a broken spring or a dead motor you can find yourself in trouble at any time of day or night.  That is why we offer a 24/7 emergency repair service which is available to help you at any time in any situation.  Marda Loop Garage Door Services have the staff and the expertise to get things back on track with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

    More About  Garage Door Services

    Garage & Roller Door Repairs Roller shutters are a common sight in residential and commercial properties across Canada and for good reason. We provide the complete range of garage doors repairs in Calgary including cable replacement, fixing winder, jammed shutters, broken slats, manual shutter repairs, electronic shutter repairs and more.

    Garage Door services


    (403) 389-3844

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What brand of garage door motors do you use?

    For all of our garage door motors we use only the best openers like : Lift Master, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie and more  . All of their motors are compliant to current Canadian standards in terms of operation and safety.

    Can you repair my garage door?

    Reliable Garage Door Repair in Calgary can do repairs on all major brands and models of garage doors and motors including Lift Master, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie . As long as parts for older models are still available, then yes we can repair older motors also. Reliable Garage Door Repair have highly trained service crews so call us today to have your service or repair booked in as soon as possible to minimize downtime.

    How often should my door be serviced?

    Depending on your usage of garage door at home, we recommend approximately every two years that your door should be serviced by an experienced garage door specialist such as Reliable Garage Door Repair. This is seen as preventative maintenance to help stop major issues building up on a garage door that in turn protects your door and motor for a longer period of time.

    Can I install new motors to an existing garage door?

    Yes, once you the customer decides to proceed we will send our installation crew out to site and before installation as long as the current door passes operation tests conducted by our highly trained serviceman and is suitable for fitting of a new motor then we can fit the motor while on site for you. As an added bonus while fitting the motor we offer a FREE service on the garage door.

    My remote control does not work?

    If you are having issues with remotes the first step is to check the battery inside the remote control. This is the most common issue with remotes. the next step if battery has been replaced and remote is not working is to consult your owners manual to ensure the remote is correctly coded into your motor. Should this still fail you will need to contact Reliable Garage Door Repair where we can send an experienced serviceman to identify your remote issues. It is always best to have all your remotes with you while serviceman is on site and to also inform our office what kind of remote you have exactly.

    My garage door Is noisy. What can I do for this?

    Regular servicing by a professional garage door company such as Reliable Garage Door Repair approximately every 2 years on residential homes can help prevent your garage door from creating abnormal noises.This may be due to the doors moving parts becoming dry and causing extra friction and wear to your important door parts. You can also do your own maintenance by using silicone spray on any moving parts of panel doors and also the tracks on a roller door every couple of months to ensure the door is fully lubricated and not causing unnecessary wear and tear.

    My door is closing part way and goes back up. Why?

    This is the safety feature of the motor being activated. If the door has not been regularly serviced by a professional the door becomes heavier due to loss of tension. The force limit is reached on the motor and then the motor reacts in the way that it thinks there is an obstruction in the way and must auto reverse. This can help to be prevented by having a Reliable Garage Door Repair technician completing a full service on your garage door approximately every 2 years.

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